Citizen spot


The project “Citizen Spot” aims to provide a smooth transition to e-services for all citizens, by means of the creation of a dedicated desk in ADISA’s Citizen Service Centres, to assist them in the application process for e-services, and filing of complaints at


The issue of solving the problem on using electronic public services and minimize these difficulties is of a great importance for ADISA’s goal towards the modernization and improvement of public service delivery in the Republic of Albania. We need a citizen spot in order to bring electronic services closer to citizens, increase their ability to use digital technology, communication tools or network and facilitate access to public e-services.


The solution for this problem is the creation of a dedicated desk for citizens, in order to assist them in the application process for e-services, and filing of complaints at as well. This dedicated desk will facilitate the access in electronic services, for citizens having difficulties in applying online. In addition, the desk operator will help the citizens access the online platform


We have provided a dedicated desk to each ADISA’s Citizen Service Center (to date, in Kavaja, Kruja, Fieri, Gjirokastra, Shkodra and the Front Office ADISA at the IPRO Tirana as well), organized as an assistance spot, for all citizens, whether having difficulties with access to public services or with limited skills when it comes to using digital public services. In this “helpdesk” all citizens are assisted in the application process for 33 (thirty three) e-services, and the access on


? This solution will not permanently erase the problems for people with difficulties in accessing and using electronic public services. However, it will contribute to minimize the number of people facing difficulties in applying for e-services, and fil complaints in the governmental portal as well.


Design thinking


Human Centered Design